Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Smashing rocks

Today I told my class that our plan for science was to sketch the inside and the outside of a rock.

"The inside of a rock?" Miguel asked.

"Yeah," I answered. "How do you think we could find out what the inside of a rock is like?"

"Take a hammer and smash it," Tyrone answered dryly. He was trying to be funny.

"That," I said, raising my eyebrows at him, "is exactly what we're going to do!"

My class looked at me with disbelief and excitement. I mean, what could be more fun than smashing rocks with a hammer?

It turns out it's not that hard to break rocks with a hammer. Second graders can do it. Who knew?

Inside, we found things like this:


  1. In the first picture, there's a plastic bag -- do they smash it inside the bag? Use goggles? Both?

    Also, where can I sign up?

  2. Yes, they put it inside two ziploc bags so the pieces don't scatter, and they wear safety glasses to protect their eyes. Some of the rocks broke into lots of pieces, others just broke in two, and some we couldn't break at all (just two).

    You can come join us anytime!