Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Biking in heels

This morning I told my kids a story about biking home from work yesterday. They were enthralled, hanging on my every word. (They love it when I tell stories.)

At the end of the story, Tyrone raised his hand.

"Yes, Tyrone?" I said.

"Ms. Swamp," he asked, eyeing my dress-up shoes suspiciously. (It was Curriculum Night tonight so I was more dressed up than usual.) "Do you ride your bike in your heels?"

He has such an ability to get down to what is really important.


  1. Well? Do you ride your bike in your heels?

    Important questions, these. :)

    Also, I remember what you used to wear when you rode your bike to school, but things do change...

  2. You know me, always the teacher. So when he asked, I of course responded with a question: "What do you think? Do you think I ride my bike in heels?" They all figured out quickly that I wear different shoes the days I bike. :)