Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here are excerpts of my students' (really quite excellent) stories, which we are getting ready for publication this week.

Upon seeing his parents dance at their wedding: "I cried but it was ok because it was tears of goe" [joy].

"When I entered the roller rink I was dumbfounded by all the pepple. I put on my skates it took A long time! I got through it."

"a minute later my brother went in the room. where I was woching tv. and he had his skeleton costume on! I immediately pulled my [toy] gun and it went dam! dam! I was very startled me." (oh, the constant confusion between "b" and "d"!) "The next day I wasent my self. I could fell my heart beding fast. and I was shivering I could see scary people in my mind."

A swimming story:
"Then the water got even colder then before It was so cold I felt like I will tern into a ice cube. Then we went out of the pool I said what a relief."

Upon receiving a scooter for his birthday:
"This is so new! i sied to myself and my stomik jumped because it is excited."

In a haunted house:
"My heart was feeling like a durm! [drum] My stomach was jumping off the walls to get away. My eye was wide like an animal! My arm was wiggling like a cats tail!"

I've never had such good description in my kids' stories, and let me tell you, these are not the best writers I've ever taught, so I am left to conclude I've done a good job of teaching something. Man, they look like they aren't listening to a thing you say, but once in a while, they learn something!


  1. Hang in there! I love reading your students' work. I teaching pre-service teachers & I am going to refer them to your blog. :)

    Best wishes,

  2. Heh...that would be I "teach" pre-service teachers...oh, the quickness of posting...