Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Will Power

Today we read a story from Frog and Toad Together about will power. Frog and Toad were eating delicious cookies, and they couldn't stop, even though they knew they should. Frog thought it would be good to have will power. Toad said, "Frog, you can have my will power. I just wish I had the cookies."

Afterwards, I asked when my students had used will power.

One said he used it to stop himself from playing his video game all the time. (yay!)
Another said he used it to try to eat more healthy food.
Malik said one word: "broccoli."
The last said he uses will power to help him not be so shy when he meets new people.

Pretty good, no?

The day also included snowshoeing in the forest, metamorphosis of waxworms (and the escape of one of the moths, who happily landed on my pants), and very cute little red milkweed bug nymphs. They look like this:

But later they will look like this:

Pretty cool, huh?

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  1. In our school we talk a lot about "Self-Control" (part of the CARES in Responsive Classroom), but you've inspired me to connect it to other words and texts. ♥